Foxy is a former royal marine commando and special forces sergeant. He joined the marines at 16 and served for 10 years before passing the grueling selection process for the special forces serving with the SBS. In 2012, foxy was diagnosed with ptsd and discharged from the military - something that he speaks very openly and candidly about in his book. He’s an author of two books ‘Battle Scars’ a Sunday times best seller, the story of his battles with mental health and ‘Life Under Fire’ - his new book coming out later this year. Foxy is an adventurer and was part of ‘team essence’ who rowed across the longest part of the Atlantic Ocean in 2016. He has trekked to the North Pole and last year competed a near 2,000 mile kayak trip along the Yukon river in Alaska.

He is a motivational speaker delivering talks in big corporates and possibly what he’s most well known for : foxy is part of the hugely popular tv series SAS.WDW, where he and the other directing staff or DS take recruits through hostile and unforgiving warfare environments to test their physical and mental strength.

Foxy is also the co-founder of rock2recovery - a mental health charity supporting former and serving members of the armed forces who are suffering from any trauma they may have experienced. And aside from that he is just an absolute legend.

This episode is in support of CALM mental health and suicide prevention charity. If you want to support too, you can. I've teamed up with Manor as part of their strong not silent movement, on a limited edition collaborative t-shirt. All profits go directly to calm, to fund their life saving services. You can buy your t-shirt here :

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