An entrepreneur, coach, podcaster, speaker, writer, mental health advocate and most importantly, a father.

As a performance and purpose coach, Mark helps the best get better, unlocking an extra 1 or 2% in the worlds greatest athletes. Mark empowers those in the public eye to take back control of their lives and manage the day to day external pressure, scrutiny and judgement of others. Mark also guides the courageous self starters making huge transformation in their lives, as they blaze their own trail in search of purpose.

Mark hosts one of the UK’s leading podcasts, featuring over 100 episodes with the worlds greatest minds and performers. He has travelled around the world interviewing the highest achieving athletes, entrepreneurs and lifestyle specialists, holding a space for them to share their life lessons and the daily habits they feel led to their success.

As a speaker, Mark has cultivated his learnings to educate viewers and listeners on the practices, routines and philosophies they can adopt into their own lives, to immediately drive their performance, achieve new goals and reach new heights.

Having lived with mental health, Mark vulnerably shares his own experiences in an attempt to inspire others to open up themselves, rather than suffer in silence.


Take FLIGHT is a peak performance movement. Face value, Take FLIGHT is on a mission to discover a formula for reaching the highest level of performance, no matter the field, to educate and empower those prepared to apply these learnings into their own lives. Our aim is to find the common themes and patterns weaved through our conversations and collaborations with the world’s best, and deliver these findings through our no.1 podcast, live events and coaching. However, the deeper message within Take FLIGHT is one of action. Our ultimate goal is to inspire as many people as possible to discover and pursue their true purpose, take that leap of faith and live a more meaningful life. By sharing the truth behind these incredible stories, we aim to represent the achievements as more relatable, humanise the guests and shift the perspective of those listening from a fear-based view of the external world, to a more positive, purposeful and self-confident view of themselves.