Join us for the first PPP guided meditation, led by the incredible Natalia Bojanic. Natalia is Meditation teacher and the co-founder of the plant based nutrition company FORM.

Use this guided meditation pro actively to avoid stress building up in your life - or reactively when feeling overwhelmed during a busy week.

The benefits of meditation go far and wide. Use meditation to reduce stress and anxiety. Develop self awareness and improve concentration and focus. Also, generate kindness, control pain and improve sleep.

Whether you are a veteran meditator, or this is your first time, I hope this session calms your mind and provides an easy practice to help you in you week. You can return to this session anytime you feel stresses.

This series of PPP is sponsored by Home Run - The fuel for you post work work-out. DM me on instagram (@markwhittle_tf) for your unique discount code and fuel your work out the right way.

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