Enjoy this deeply relaxing Yoga Nidra session guided by the fantastic Jess Horn. Jess is the founder of Jess Horn Yoga, a yoga teacher, a mentor to aspiring yoga teachers and host of regular wellness retreats.

Practicing Yoga Nidra is a fantastic way to move from your sympathetic nervous system, fight or flight response, into your parasympathetic nervous system, rest and digest response. Activating this response allows us to fully adapt and recover so we can maintain our optimal output when we go again! I hope you feel renewed after this session. Enjoy.

Jess Horn Yoga: Yoga for Mind and Body


This new podcast will provide guided sessions of some of the practices we’ve discussed on the podcast delivered by myself and other experts in their field. No longer will you wait for the podcast to finish before taking action, you’ll be acting in the moment while listening.

You can expect to be introduced to coaching sessions, guided meditation and breathwork - as well as other personal development practices designed to make you healthier, happier and more fulfilled. We’ll also explain the benefits - and often times science - behind why these practices are important to incorporate into our regular routines.

Before we start I want to say a massive thanks to you, for continuing to listen and support Take FLIGHT, but more importantly continuing to want to better yourself - I encourage you to keep searching for the answers to life’s big questions - and I wish you the best on this incredible journey we’re all experiencing.


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