Mark is a professional big wave surfer, award winning spear fisherman, free diver, photographer, filmmaker & Hollywood stuntman and lives on the north shore of Oahu, Hawaii.

Whether it’s free diving or spear fishing Mark is often holding his breathe for up to 7 minutes under water! And on the surf board he's probably surfing waves ranging from 60-90ft tall. He’s often dealing with the highest stakes possibly in life or death circumstances. And despite winning the 2008 spear fishing World Cup and being one of the youngest big wave surfers ever to be sponsored at 13, he says his greatest achievement to date is probably just staying alive!

His outlook on life is Incredibly unique. The weather and the surf dictate entirely what he is doing that day. If the forecast is showing a storm and big surf in Europe - he’ll jump on a plane to get there the following day. He is the ultimate example of someone who is living their truth and constantly in the present. It is such a pleasure to be able to share his journey and advice on Take FLIGHT. Enjoy!



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