Spencer is an entrepreneur, founder and CEO of Clean Co and Eden Rocks Jewelry and a television personality.

He was first brought into our lives as the central figure in tv series Made In Chelsea. Since, he has done some much in tv as a presenter, but also as a contestant winning the Jump in 2017, reaching the final of celebrity master chef in 2018 and even winning a BAFTA as part of the made in Chelsea cast in 2011.

Spencer also has his own show with wife vogue Williams - Spencer, Vogue and baby too. Which was so popular it came back for a second season the same year. I actually loved watching both too!

But, what I was most interested to hear about was Spencer’s life as an entrepreneur and how he built Clean Co and transformed his life through sobriety.

Clean co is truthfully what I have been crying out for. An extremely low alcohol replacement to traditional alcoholic drinks. Clean co launched a clean gin and a clean rum to start with and I was fascinated to hear all about Spencer’s vision of broadening their product offering beyond liquor and essentially striving for world domination in this market! I was so impressed by his mindset, his desire to help people and the clarity of his vision.

Clean co just secured a further £7million investment on top of the 2mil investment they had at the beginning of the year, so a massive congrats to the team. I’ll raise a clean gin to that.

We talk all about entrepreneurship, family life, body transformation, jujitsu and the power of clean and optimal living. A truly powerful conversation that I'm extremely grateful we had.

To find out more about Clean co, go to https://clean.co/ - ENJOY!

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