Cecilia is the co-founder of RWL (www.resultswellnesslifestyle.com) along side business partner Lucy Mecklenburgh, a celebrity personal trainer and huge inspiration to so many.

Born in Paris, Cecilia grew up in Tunisia, New York and Miami before coming to London in the 1990's, and finally settling in Essex. Cecilia’s younger years were spent in hospitality working in restaurants, chalets and managing hotels.

Her pivot into the world of fitness happened as a result of a huge personal challenge in her mid-thirties. Cecilia suffered from postnatal depression following the birth of her son Fabio and found that whilst antidepressants made her less depressed, she felt ‘less’ of everything else; less happy, less energetic and less joyous.

After being on medication for 6 months and desperate to find a different solution, Cecilia turned to exercise and started training with one of Miami’s top personal trainers. Her life changed and she quickly came off Medication and found her natural high using exercise as a therapeutic method and form of meditation.

Cecilia felt inspired to promote the power of exercise to other women, and upon moving back to the U.K become a Personal Trainer herself and opened her first Boutique PT studio in 2008. A second studio soon followed, where she met fellow co-founder Lucy Mecklenburgh and they started what would become a multi-million pound business.

In 2013 Lucy and Cecilia’s fitness brand launched to become the first of its kind online Fitness Platform in the U.K, first as Results with Lucy and now rebranded for 2020, as Results Wellness Lifestyle, with a community of 500,000 followers across social media.

As Cecilia approaches 5 million paid for workout sessions from her client base, Cecilia is almost certainly now the U.K's No.1 Personal Trainer. She brings a level of energy, love and passion to her unique brand of fitness, that radiates through to those following along and i certainly felt that energy speaking with her and I’m so pleased I’m able to share her story with you today.

What I would ask you to think about during this conversation is this. Are you over complicated things? We have a tendency to over complete and I’m guilty more than most here. Consider whether you are over complicating things and also ask your self with this challenge that you are facing right now what ever it is.... what are you choosing not to see? There’s often some gold in all challenge we face if we’re willing to see and hear them.


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